How To Find The Engine That Fits Your Needs

Repower Article - 02/10/08

What to Look For in
New or Rebuilt Small Engines

When you are buying a small engine, whether you are buying one new or rebuilt, there are several things that you want to look for in order to be sure that you get the best engine for your needs. Small engines are not all created equal – they vary depending on brand, size, and purpose of use.  Though some details may not matter much to you, there are general things you should consider.  Keep the following in mind as you look for a replacement small engine.

First of all, you want to be sure that the engine is easy to start. Whether you are buying a small engine rebuild kit or buying a brand new Kohler small engine or Briggs & Stratton small engine, it is important that the engine starts up easily, without any problems on your part.

Next, two important factors when it comes to small engines are that they are powerful and durable. You want to be sure that whether you are getting a rebuilt engine or a new model, they can provide equal or better power than your existing engine. It should also be durable, meaning that they have a long-life expectancy and can withstand heavy use in various weather and terrain conditions.

Care should also be given to understanding how environmentally friendly the new or rebuilt engine is.  There are many brands, such as Kohler or the Briggs & Stratton brand, that have a reputation for building small engines that are less harsh on the environment because they give off less pollutants into the air and ground. They also tend to be more fuel efficient.

A good warranty is also something to look for when purchasing a new or rebuilt engine.  While new engines nearly always come with a 1-2 year warranty, rebuilt engines do not. Always ask before purchasing to see what sort of warranty you can be guaranteed.  A warranty will help in the event that your rebuilt engine has an existing problem when it arrives or it ends up being the wrong model or fit for your needs.

It is not often that anyone has to buy a new or replacement small engine. Don’t feel that you need to know everything about them in order to make a good decision. If you are unsure about what to buy, look first and foremost at brands that you know have a good reputation for creating robust, sturdy equipment that you can trust. Ask people you know what engine is in their carts, mower or other small engine equipped vehicle. Most will tell you of a small handful of well-known, respected brand names that you can then take to your retailer or online sales person to see about matching up a brand with the engine or rebuild kit you need. 

When purchasing new small engines or when buying rebuilt small engines, consider these points of importance in order to get the best and proper small engine for your needs.

-Ben Anton 2008
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