Rebuild Your Honda 20HP V-Twin Engine With a Cushman Truckster

Repower Article - 03/31/08

Cushman Trucksters: Dropping in a Honda 20HP V-Twin Engine

Greens keepers and landscapers have long relied on a Cushman Truckster to help them haul equipment, mulch, seed and lawn debris off of a course or piece of property. These carts are considered one of the best hauling vehicles available because of their durability and long-lasting construction.  They are also well-priced, making them suitable for both small and large company or course operations. 

Keeping Cushman Trucksters running is not difficult so long as proper maintenance is conducted.  The bodies of these machines will last for a very long time.  Many older models are still being used today because of the way they have been built.  What the older models do not have, however, are the stronger engines available today. It is completely possible to replace the vehicle entirely to get the kind of horse power available in newer engines.  It is also possible to drop in a new engine (repower it) using a rebuild kit. Many truckster owners are turning to repowering their engines because they can save up to 50% by using a kit rather than buying a new engine directly from a dealer.  This way they can purchase more engine for their money.

There are many rebuild kits available to replace older model engines for the Cushman Truckster.  One of the best options is to replace it using a Honda 20HP V-Twin overhead valve engine.

A Honda 20HP V-Twin overhead valve engine rebuild kit is best suited to replace any Cushman Truckster 18 or 22 HP small engine.  When looking for a Honda rebuild kit, it is best to assess the components that it comes with and any restrictions or changes that the rebuild kit may cause in the way your vehicle currently works.

For instance, a quality Honda 20HP V-Twin rebuild kit should include the engine, exhaust system, motor mount, clutch adapter, complete installation instructions and all of the bolts and other items required to make the installation.  By making sure these items are in the kit before purchasing, you will better understand what changes or issues you may face when making the change in your small engine.

There are other factors that you will need to consider when changing your Cushman small engine to a Honda 20HP.  If your truckster has a hydraulic system, you will want to determine whether it runs using a chain drive or a belt drive.  Depending on which it operates on, an additional kit or part may need to be ordered. The kit details should notify you of this information before you have to make a purchase.

Some portions of a Cushman Truckster’s functionality may have to be foregone if a repower engine kit is to be used. If your truckster has an equipment heater, changing the muffler system may render this function inoperable.  If it has a power converter, this amenity may also no longer function because the alternator will be eliminated.  This is not to say that these functions can no longer exist. Rather, they will need to be updated or worked back into the construction of the truckster after the engine has been repowered if you wish to continue to utilize those features.  Reviewing the information about any rebuild kit before you buy will help you understand what additional work may need to be done. 

Cushman Trucksters are quality built machines with an excellent track-record for longevity and performance.  It is great to see how long these sturdy vehicles can last. The ability to update the engine with a strong, newer engine, like the Honda 20HP for far less than it would cost to buy a new one, is a testament to just how worthwhile it is to invest in these vehicles and how easy it can be to keep them running. 

-Ben Anton 2008
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