The Power of Vanguard Engines

Small engines can have a lot of strain put on them; this workload only increases when the engine has to meet the demands of commercial power needs. Vanguard small engines are produced by Briggs & Stratton, one of the premier producers of small engines today. This line of engines is focused on providing quality workmanship, high power output and durability to meet the small engine needs of the commercial sector. These engines have been put to the test time and again at work sites around the world, rising to the challenge and proving themselves to be both powerful and dependable.

There are a number of different industries that put their faith in Vanguard small engines, and that faith is repaid with years of service from the engines that are chosen. Vanguard engines are used to power a number of different rental equipment pieces, professional landscaping equipment, and even construction and fire department equipment. These engines are able to consistently produce power in a wide range of environments while avoiding overheating and minimizing both noise and vibration. They can even be taken off-road where debris and mud might bog down a lesser engine. Vanguard small engines are designed to allow minimal debris intake that could damage sensitive parts or otherwise cause engine failure.

Vanguard engines are available in a wide range of power outputs, ranging from as little as 2.4 horsepower to as much as 36 horsepower. The Vanguard Engines product line features five different engine styles, each with its own power range to help commercial customers find the exact engine thatís best for their needs. With a total of 36 different models across these five styles there is a Vanguard small engine to meet every commercial need. To better illustrate the power of Vanguard engines, here is an examination of each of the five engine designs as well as the power range that each design offers.

Single-Cylinder Engines

Vanguard small engines in the single cylinder engines line can produce between 2.4 and 15 horsepower, ensuring that you have enough power to run the generators, mixers and pumps that your worksite needs. With nine different engine models to choose from thereís no reason not to choose a Vanguard small engine when looking for a single-cylinder engine that is built to last

V-Twin Horizontal and Vertical Shaft Engines

The v-twin horizontal and vertical shaft line of Vanguard engines provides between 14 and 23 horsepower, powering commercial mowers, utility vehicles and golf equipment. This is the largest line of Vanguard small engines, offering up 10 engine choices so that commercial customers can find the exact power output that theyíre looking for within this lineís power range.

Air Cooled V-Twin Big Block Horizontal Shaft Engines

Moving up to the air-cooled v-twin big block horizontal shaft engine line allows for yet another increase in power, producing between 25 and 35 horsepower depending on the Vanguard small engine used. This sort of power is commonly used to power chippers and mulchers, mudboats, large-scale commercial mowers and concrete trowels. The horizontal shaft air-cooled line features six different engine models, offering an even distribution of horsepower within this lineís range so that customers can get engines offering just the right amount of power for their needs.

Air Cooled V-Twin Big Block Vertical Shaft Engines

The Vanguard engines in the air-cooled v-twin big block vertical shaft line are some of the most powerful small engines that Vanguard produces. This line offers up between 28 and 36 horsepower depending on the engine, more than enough power for larger commercial mowers and mudboats. Featuring five engines spaced in two-horsepower increments, itís easy to find an air-cooled vertical shaft engine with a power output sufficient to meet even the heaviest of power requirements.

Three-Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engines

Powering everything from tractors and mowers to concrete trowels and utility vehicles, the three-cylinder liquid cooled engines made for Vanguard provides between 23.6 and 34 horsepower with excellent power distribution and engine cooling features. These small engines are available in both gas-powered and diesel-powered models, allowing commercial purchasers to match their Vanguard engines with the fuel used by their other work vehicles to help make refueling as easy as possible. With four diesel models and two gas models to choose from, itís easy to find a three-cylinder engine to meet your needs.

~Ben Anton, 2009

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