Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

Repower Article - 05/25/08

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Golf cart maintenance is actually fairly simple so long as you keep up on it in a fairly regular manner.  By setting up general time lines for check-ups and doing some basic clean-up and study of your small engine vehicle, your golf cart will last for several golf seasons to come. 

Create A Maintenance Schedule
For most golfers out there, a basic weekly check-up of some of your golf cart’s basic functions is all that is needed to keep it in good working order. Golfers that consider themselves “heavy users” may want to consider checking on some of the items below every 5 days or so. The important thing is to remember to assess some of your golf carts needs regularly.

Beyond weekly maintenance checks, golf cart owners should also plan a major check-up every 3 months. At that time, the golf cart’s break system, suspension, engine and tires can be thoroughly looked at, cleaned and fixed as needed. 

Below are some basic items that should be checked during a regular maintenance schedule.

Clean The Battery
Dirt never hurt anybody, right? Well, it may not hurt but it can definitely impact the usability of your golf cart.  Dirt and grass along with spilled battery acid can damage your battery by causing sub-par or disconnected cable connections. Since these connections are what keep the batteries working together, making sure these get cleaned regularly is important to the long-term life of the cart.  Wash off the tops of the batteries each week to keep the batteries working to their best ability.

Water Levels
Golf cart batteries contain water required to generate the power inside.  It is important that you check the electrolyte water levels in each cell of the batteries because the leaded plates in the battery must be submerged.  The water levels should be checked weekly and replenished using distilled water only.  You will want to fill the cells just to cover the plates.  Make sure to take the appropriate safety precautions when doing this by wearing gloves and goggles.

As previously mentioned, a golf cart runs on the power of several batteries. These batteries work together through connecting cables.  These cables should be checked weekly to ensure that are on tightly and are not damaged by corrosion or debris.  The battery caps should also be checked to ensure they are placed on tightly. If you have a damaged connector, you can attempt to change it yourself by referring to your owner’s manual or you can take it in for professional repair. 

Golfers want to enjoy a relaxed and well-equipped golf season this summer. Don’t neglect your golf cart’s maintenance and a great season of golf games is a little bit easier.

~Ben Anton, 2008
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