The Demands of Green Technology on the Farm

Repower Article - 06/23/08

"The Cushman Truckster On The Farm"

As technology changes, so do the demands of today’s farmer.  Small scale ranchers and farmers today have more work with greater advances in technology, and thus, their needs in terms of farm equipment are as diverse as the operations they run on a daily basis.  Today’s farmer and rancher needs equipment that is as diverse as these needs yet rises to the challenges of today’s technology.  Essentially, a farmer today needs to perform more work in less time, and they need the right equipment to do so.  Farm vehicles are one of the tools that farmers and ranchers use to minimize their work time and maximize their efficiency.  As times change, so does the technology available to farmers today, and utility vehicles such as the Cushman truckster or small engine farm trucksters are now necessities on today’s farm.

While tractors are still a gold standard for many farmers, the need for a utility vehicle has increased, as farmers acknowledge that a small engine Cushman truckster or other farm hauling vehicles can accomplish more than previous vehicles.  While ATV’s are easy to maneuver and are efficient on time, they have the limitation of not being able to carry much of a load.  Pickup trucks today are also seen on many farms, and while they can carry larger loads, they are not able to move in and out of tight areas.  The solution to these problems is the Cushman truckster, or a similar small engine farm truckster that operates as a farm utility vehicle.

A farm utility vehicle such as a Cushman truckster offers excellent steering that works efficiently on all surfaces, yet is versatile enough to handle wide range of applications.  Today’s farmer needs a utility vehicle that really can do everything, and this should include all farm activities such as ground maintenance, pallet or heavy load lifting, ground leveling, removal of snow, ground landscaping or mowing, livestock maneuvering, and so much more.  The farmer of today needs a vehicle that operates with a four wheel drive and can travel to and from any jobsite, as well as have the capacity to carry any necessary supplies or laborers.

Cushman trucksters or small engine farm trucksters are globally known to be the best vehicles for hauling and for farm use simply based on their longstanding reputation of durability and construction that is long lasting.  They are easily known and understood as the must have vehicle for growers, ranchers, and family farmers.  The beauty of the Cushman truckster is that they combine the versatility found in a tractor with the maneuverability found in an ATV combined with the utility that is efficient with a Jeep product.

Small engine farm trucksters are able to reach speeds of 25 mph and can roll over almost any terrain from muddy banks, to wet grass, all without leaving a single track.  These vehicles can mow grass, plow snow, haul as much as a ton of material or feed, dump dirt, and negotiate terrain with the same efficiency and comfort you will find in a small sized pickup.

Some farmers appreciate the efficiency of Cushman trucksters when it comes to handling and wrangling livestock. This vehicle makes it possible to pack out livestock without the need of throwing a diamond hitch.  Farmers that utilize heavy equipment on their land appreciate the excellent steering that small engine Cushman trucksters offer.  To make farm trucksters even more versatile, a tow hitch can be added for additional load carrying.

Cushman trucksters are easily used by any farm worker.  They generally feature an automatic clutch that allows the riders to twist the grips in order to go forward, with a pedal to step on in order to stop.  The throttle can be twisted forward in order to accelerate, with reverse function operating in the opposite direction.  The small engine farm truckster offers a design that is step through and easy to learn how to use for both men and women.  These trucksters are efficient as well, with claims of getting as much as 75 miles per gallon.

There is no question that when it comes to a utility vehicle for farm use, the Cushman or other small engine farm truckster is unmatched in terms of long lasting performance, versatility in use, quality, and in its low-cost of operation.  These vehicles are known all over the world for their dependability on the farm and their unmatched versatility.  If you have a lot of work that needs to be done, and need the right tools with today’s technology to do it, there is no question that the small engine Cushman truckster must be on your equipment roster.

~Ben Anton, 2008
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