Benefits of Repowering Your Small Engine Vehicle

Repower Article - 07/10/06

"The Advantages of Repowering Your Golf Cart Engine"

How many times have you had something go wrong with a piece of equipment and you cringed at the thought of purchasing a new one? The fact is you get used to running the same equipment and it is no different for fleet of golf carts. You get used to them and you enjoy using them for almost anything. If the engine dies, however, you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole thing. The fact is there are many benefits to repowering your golf cart engine instead of purchasing a new one.

While the main benefit stands right out to some individuals, others are oblivious to it. Money. This is the main reason for repowering your golf cart engine. Whether you have a Kohler engine or a Briggs Stratton engine, it makes no difference. To go out and purchase a new golf cart will cost you anywhere from $5000 to $14,000 depending upon the quality. On the other hand, repowering your golf cart engine may cost between $1,000 and $2,500, depending upon what model you choose. Obviously, the savings can be astronomical and because your repowered engine will use less fuel, you’ll be saving on gas, as well.

When you repower your golf cart engine, you can also increase how useful your machine will be as you have the option to fit it with a more powerful engine. When you have more power, you can do more things with your golf cart, whether it is hauling items around or simply getting faster to a location. You may even have enough power to put a snowplow on it and get the job done quicker.

Another benefit to repowering your golf cart engine is that it will be much easier to maintain. The parts for an updated engine will be much easier to find than your ancient engine. You will also be able to get spare parts in-stock to make sure you always have what you need should something go wrong. You should also receive a new warranty on your new repowered engine so if something does happen, it will be covered.

You’ll also find that when you repower your golf cart engine, you can do so with a newer and cleaner running engine that will meet the EPA standards for emissions control. What does this mean for you? Well, a much cleaner environment and you’ll be taking a part in helping to keep the air clean. For some, it may not mean much but if you’re the owner of a golf course, you may even find the grass is greener when you use cleaner running engines in your fleet of golf carts.

When you choose to repower your golf cart engine, you’ll find that Kohler makes several kits to fit Toro, Jacobsen, Cushman, and Club Car or you can even check with Briggs Stratton kits for your cart. These kits will include all of the essential items that you will need to put in a new engine. Just think, if you were the owner of a golf course and needed to repair or replace your fleet of golf carts, which would you rather do? Spend as much as $20,000 to $40,000 on four new carts or spend about $6,000 to $8,000 having them repowered?

The fact is it doesn’t matter whether you own a golf course and have a whole fleet of golf carts or if you’re simply the proud owner of one, when you repower your golf cart with a new engine, the advantages are many and are not just financial. So before you go shopping for a new one, consider checking into repowering your golf cart engine with either a Briggs Stratton engine, Kohler engine, or even a Honda small engine. You’ll find you’ll have a whole lot more power in the cart, as well as a whole lot more money left in your pocket.

-Ben Anton, 2006
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