Briggs Stratton Small Engines; The Powerful Decision

Repower Article - 08/13/07

The Power of Briggs & Stratton Small Engines

When it comes to small gas powered engines, Briggs & Stratton offer some of the best engines for your repowering needs. These engines are designed for equipment that really works for you, conveniently replacing the weak or ill-equipped engines that often come with modern equipment. Briggs & Stratton makes it easy to repower your commercial turf vehicles, construction equipment, fire or rescue equipment, farm and ranch equipment, golf and sport vehicles, and even your off-road or marine vehicles.

These engines are not just more powerful than the engines that often come with your commercial equipment, they are also of a higher quality, with the Briggs & Stratton name backing up the engines that they sell. You deserve equipment that works as long and as hard as you do, not weak engines that cannot handle the loads that you need them to take care of.

When you buy small engines from Briggs and Stratton, you are not just buying a commercial vehicle part, you are also buying the quality and service that come with the name. Briggs & Stratton employs a commercial driven team with decades of combined experience in utilizing resources to deliver the best power solutions for commercial applications just like yours.

The company and employees are focused on the customer, with an emphasis on delivering engines in keeping with the lofty principles of the company. This means world class products come off the assembly line at Briggs & Stratton are the best quality for your gas powered engine needs. Briggs & Stratton is constantly researching and testing to ensure that you get the best engines and the latest new developments in engines for your repowering needs, and they offer comprehensive customer support and service to all their customers.

The Briggs & Stratton customer support and service center is as thorough as their quality control, ensuring that you get the exact support that you need by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Your engines will stay up and working with their great phone support and web support services should you ever have any problems or questions about the small, gas powered engines supplied by Briggs & Stratton.

So what kinds of applications do briggs and stratton replacement engines fill? The possibilities extend nearly as far as the consumer’s imagination, with a variety of vehicles of all kinds powered by these tried and true motors.

Many engines that come standard with commercial equipment have several flaws, and older equipment is more likely to possess these troublesome features. Older engines might offer less than desirable power output levels, consume more gas than you really want to have to pay for, and produce emissions at levels that would make any environmentalist cry in shame. Replacing this equipment, however, can be both expensive and difficult, especially when it comes to vehicles like golf carts, which are getting harder to find equipped with gas power.

Instead of replacing old, worn out equipment or equipment that is not environmentally friendly, many equipment owners are turning to engine repowering to turn their old clunkers into powerful, green machines. With a small engine repowering kit complete with your new Briggs & Stratton kit motor, you can replace the engine on your old machine to bring a whole new life into it, and to get the benefits of a new piece of equipment at a fraction of the expense.

Even better, you will get the same vehicle or piece of equipment to which you have become accustomed and a whole new level of power that will have you working half as hard and accomplishing twice as much. A small engine rebuild kit featuring Briggs small engines will be sure to be a perfect fit for your repowering needs no matter what kind of commercial vehicle or equipment you have that needs a boost.

There is no reason to let your equipment die a slow death as the old engines give out or simply do not work as hard as you need them to. With a Briggs Stratton repower kit, you can install a brand new small engine in your equipment and bring it back to life again, better than ever before. You will not just be recharging your old equipment, you will be repowering it, with engine strength that you could only have wished for before, and an easy installation that will have you wondering why in the world you waited so long.

-Ben Anton 2007
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