Briggs and Stratton Repower Engines

Performance is key to everything in life especially when it comes to your work vehicles. The back bone of a tractor or cart is, in fact, the performance of the vehicle when haling whatever goods you need to get the job done. Briggs & Stratton engines provide this performance. The results you are seeking are fulfilled, and it’s not just after you ride around for a while it’s from the initial revving of the engine that you feel the power output being produced. Briggs & Stratton Repower Engine kits provide a great efficient service for your carting needs. Quick easy to understand ordering directions with free delivery is service that cannot be beat. These engines come with a manufacturers three year warranty so that you can feel safe knowing if anything happens you’ll be able to get your engine fixed or replaced. Speaking of replacements, Repower Specialists provides Briggs & Stratton engine replacement services. Engine replacement can come in handy if for some reason your engine dies and you need your cart up and running quickly. You’ll enjoy legendary Briggs & Stratton engine qualities such as easy starting and cast iron sleeves.

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6 Responses to Briggs and Stratton Repower Engines

  1. Greg Reese says:

    I have a EZ-go industrial truckster electric do you have a kit that will change it over to gas engine.

  2. admin says:


    Unfortunately we only have solutions available for the gas powered EzGo.


  3. lpaskosa says:

    Hi I have a gas powered EzGo. For small engine I mostly depend on Briggs & Stratton.

  4. admin says:

    We use the Honda GX390 in the EzGo. If you are interested in a kit, please feel free to give us a call.

    Brandon Huber
    Repower Specialists Ltd.
    Direct: 541.636.2371
    Toll Free: 800.700.9501 Ext. 6

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