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Replacement Engines and Engine Installation Kit
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Ask Rick

Do you have a seemingly impossible problem with an out-of-date or discontinued engine? Try me for the answer. The service is free and I look forward to a challenge! While I might not know everything about engines, I'm certainly no slouch on the subject. I've been working in the industry for more than 50 years. In addition, I have almost unlimited resources and I know how to use them, so Now is the time to "Ask Rick".

We at Repower Specialists, Ltd. intend to insure your complete satisfaction with our products. Please contact me or any of our other specialists with questions regarding our kits. Whether it be installation, performance, warranty, or any other aspect, we are happy to help. Your comments, good or bad, are welcomed. Our reaction to your criticism will result in a better product for the future. Of course, we like to hear the good things too. Please be sure to provide us with your suggestions for possible future kits.




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